We are Perez

Perez embodies a clear ambition: to make designer furniture simpler, more comfortable and more accessible to everyone. Convinced that good design can truly transform everyday life, we are committed to offering clean, original and multi-functional pieces to those looking to improve their environment. Every Perez creation is imbued with this philosophy, emphasizing refined aesthetics and practical functionality, while remaining true to our commitment to quality and affordability. Whether equipping a modern living space or designing an inspiring workplace
Perez strives to create pieces that enrich our customers’ lives every day.



At Perez, we firmly believe in our responsibility to the environment, to the communities in which we operate and to future generations. With this in mind, we are committed to integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of our business. business. Here are our guiding principles for sustainable development:

Respect for the environment

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by adopting ecologically responsible production practices. This includes reducing our energy and water consumption, minimizing our waste and using recycled and sustainable materials in the manufacture of our products.

Working with responsible partners

We work closely with our suppliers and partners to promote ethical and sustainable business practices throughout our supply chain. We also encourage our partners to adhere to our high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Commitment to our employees

We value our employees as valuable members of our team and are committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive work environment. We encourage ongoing training and professional development for our employees, while fostering a corporate culture of respect, diversity and fairness.

Transparency and accountability

We are determined to be transparent in our practices and to report on our progress towards sustainable development. We are committed to regularly assessing our performance, identifying areas for improvement and taking corrective action where necessary.